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I am Rachel

I believe...

Living unconsciously is a waste. We are here, in these bodies, in the age of Aquarius to WAKE UP. Raising our awareness - seeing more, more clearly and with deep understanding - is the.whole.point. I believe we chose this. 

To be aware, we must intend to be. We must wake up every date with the intention to learn, with the plan to practice, determined to tune in, ready to see and understand more...deeper, more subtle. Living consciously, deliberately, on purpose means

loving courageously,

acting fearlessly,

serving tirelessly,

learning endlessly.

Life is a precious opportunity to release burdens, help others, reduce suffering, be JOY...and it shouldn't be squandered on boring work, paying bills, trudging mindlessly through our time.

Marx had it right...there's more. More than a mundane pay-bills-die existence.

Life can be full of rich experiences that allow us to feel delight, sadness, wonder, empathy, gratitude. WONDER! Yes, please! I want a life that includes wonder. And I want my children to experience that, too. 

Time and opportunity and choice and freedom are the gems that enable us to create truly amazing lives, but these elude us when we are brow-deep in debt, focused on the grind, in a chorus of complaints. 

Life is richer when we
feel inspired
are working purposefully
help others
are free from financial stress
can choose how we spend our time
create REAL connections with people
are creative.

I want to be wild at a moment's notice. To change my mind. To change my life.

I want freedom that runs deep into all the corners of my days and soul.

Screw school fees,
big price tags,
real estate prices,
interest rate hikes,
flight costs.

I'm too big to be a slave to those. I am super. I am powerful. I can make change using my will and my action. This girl.

Kids in waterfalls,
Mentoring over beach coffees,
Hugs that make my heart pound,
A wedding with all the people,
Adventures with my boys,
Choices, change, roots, try outs.

Yes please. This girl will have that life with this living.


My Promise

You'll only get honesty here. If it ever sounds like I am trying to sell you something, look behind the products: it's an idea. It's something I believe in and something I know is real and you can have it too. You know when you find a new coffee shop that draws you in with its amazing aroma and then feels like home? And you can't wait to tell everyone? Especially the friends who just looooove coffee? It's that, except that what is at stake is choice, freedom, richness, life. I am creating those and I want you to have them too. If you feel drawn in, come with me. 

All the Rachels

Yoga Teacher, marketer, event extraordinaire. Daughter, sister and in-law. Girlfriend-fiance-mother-of-his-children-live-in-lover. Housekeeper (bad) and natural child birther (good). Driver, shopper, meal-prepper, fruit-cutter, water fetcher. Consoler, comforter, listener, reader of picture books, creator of stories. Kisser, bed warmer, lover, best friend, the one who smells like home for someone. Soccer watcher, clothes washer, bed changer, nappy changer. Loudest laugher, loudest talker, crankiest complainer. Rager. Reconciler. Meditator, reader, contemplator, worrier, surrenderer, writer, truth teller, shoulder, holder. Dreamer. [To be continued...]